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April Hope

April Hope was dragged to Crown Heights from Manhattan kicking and screaming like a spoiled five-year-old, clueless about the beauty of this badass borough. Over the years, she has fallen madly in love with her hood, and stays because she hopes that she can hide her geeky, nerdy self by casually mentioning that she lives in Brooklyn, the hippest, coolest place on the planet. But anytime she steps outside completely covered in a sequined mermaid outfit for the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade, or buried beneath an elaborate, 5 foot tall headpiece of twigs, moss, feathers and flowers and a forest goddess faerie costume for the NY Renaissance Faire, people¬†can kind of tell that she’s not exactly the typical Williamsburg hipster hanging out at Smorgasbord.

She threatens to move away from NYC every winter when she escapes to cold to live in places like Morocco, Egypt, India, or other incredible (warm) places. But each time she returns she begs Brooklyn to forgive her cheating heart and promises to be faithful forever. (Until the next snowfall.)

Vivian Aliu

Hello! I’m Vivian Aliu and I’m just an ordinary girl with a passion for travel, food, wine, art & culture. I enjoy sharing my views and insights on places that I’ve encountered including NYC.


Nadia is smart, sassy, sexy travel & lifestyle blogger who loves sharing secrets about how travelers & locals can find the coolest fashion, food, and beauty trends around Brooklyn.

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