A Foodie’s Guide to Brooklyn

by Vivian Aliu 



Eating and traveling are my favorite things to do, so I’ve written a foodie’s guide to Brooklyn for you.

With New York City is known for being one of the best food cities in the world (particularly in Brooklyn, a secret that locals love to brag about) you can find every piece of culture in a cuisine without the cost of a plane ticket. Here are my favorite restaurants that can feed your wanderlust as well as your appetite.




This farm-to-table restaurant is located in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. I love to think of this Michelin French restaurant as “The Paris of Bed-Stuy”. Love that this place is just around my neighborhood and it can cater to my Francophilia as well as my appetite with their authentic dishes. Their delicious French cuisine includes their escargot, charcuterie, canard l’orange avec des frites and so much more. It’s also a great spot for date night with their beautiful outdoor seating.



Dokebi Bar & Grill

The Korean-style bbq restaurant is my favorite in Williamsburg that offers grills & veggie options in this cozy ambiance. They offer the best Korean cuisines with the best ingredients and their Korean bbq tacos are amazing including their spicy chicken tacos.




This Nigerian spot in the Fort Greene neighborhood brings back family memories or my time in Nigeria. With their authentic dishes such as their suyas, pof pof (small Nigerian doughnuts), jollof rice, goat pepper soup and so much more.



Boqueria Spanish Tapas 

There are located in many areas in NYC including the Fort Greene neighborhood. It has an amazing and lively atmosphere that takes me back to Barcelona with the tapas bar with so many classic Spanish tapas, small plates including cheese & charcuterie, paella, and deserts.

These are just a few of my favorite places in Brooklyn, but I have so many! Do you know any Brooklyn secret spots?