The Brooklyn Babe's Guide

To The Badass Borough

Where to Eat, Play, Shop & Stay

Some of NYC’s best secrets are just over the bridge.

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Must-See Brooklyn

Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Museum, The Botanic Garden, and Coney Island are all on the list of Must-See Places in the badass borough. But our list is filled with many other amazing but lesser-known things to do that locals know & love.

The Brooklyn Babe’s Top Tips for Travelers

1. Take the Air Train

JFK is super easy to get to & from if you take the Air Train.

2. Use Air BnB

Not only will you pay less if you use AirBnB when you visit Brooklyn, you’ll get to meet a local who just might share some of their favorite secrets about the borough.

3. Uber Pool

Not only can you save money by using Uber Pool, you may meet some new local friends!

The Badass Borough

Brooklyn is no longer an up and coming borough for artists and hipsters; it has arrived.

The Best Outdoor Films in Brooklyn

People always say that NYC is expensive, and that may be true. But savvy locals know that there are plenty of free, fun things to do in Brooklyn. I love making a picnic dinner and going to see free, outdoor movies. There are many outdoor movies in parks all across the...

The Must-See Brooklyn Parks to Visit

The Must-See Brooklyn Parks to Visit By Vivian Aliu     There are over 1,700 parks to visit in New York City where locals & tourists can have a picnics, watch films and enjoy concerts, but there are three parks in Brooklyn that are my favorite. Fort...

A Foodie’s Guide to Brooklyn

A Foodie's Guide to Brooklyn by Vivian Aliu      Eating and traveling are my favorite things to do, so I've written a foodie's guide to Brooklyn for you. With New York City is known for being one of the best food cities in the world (particularly in...

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